The Noteworthy Home is For Sale

The place we started our business and staged many, many items is on the market! You may recognize some of these images from my previous posts. Here's the full home tour! Please email if you have any questions on our home. Coming to the MLS soon...

Here's some of the details: 2050 sqr feet, 3 bedroom, 2 full bath, 2 car garage. Built in 1968. VERY updated and remodeled. If we sell before we list on the MLS, we will give buyer $1000 NWH credit! Email with any questions or to set up a viewing.

Posted on April 22, 2014 .

Good Friday

 A prayer for Good Friday and everyday!  Blessings to you all.

Merciful Lord,

Pardon all the sins of my life... of omission and commission, of morose, peevish and angry tempers, of lip, life and walk, of hard-heartedness, unbelief, presumption, pride, of unfaithfulness to the souls of men, of want of bold decision in the cause of Christ, of deficiency in outspoken zeal for His glory, of bringing dishonor to Your Great Name, of deception, injustice, untruthfulness in my dealings with others, of impurity in thought, word and deed; of covetousness, which is idolatry, of substance unduly hoarded, improvidently squandered not consecrated to the glory of Thee, the GREAT GIVER...

Forgive me... in the study of Thy Word and in the neglect of it, in prayer irreverently offered and coldly withheld, in time misspent, in yeilding to Satan's wiles, in opening my heart to his temptations, in being unwatchful when I know him nigh, in quenching the Holy Spirit; sins against light and knowledge, against conscience and the restraints of Thy Spirit, against the law of eternal love.

Pardon all my sin, known and unknown, felt and unfelt, confessed and not confessed, remembered or forgotten. Good Lord, hear; and hearing, forgive.

From The Valley of Vision, a Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions

Posted on April 18, 2014 .


Can I ramble for a bit on one of my all-time favorite design trends? I have a few of them but stripes, the bolder the better, are near the top of my list and one of my go-to solutions for a ho-hum kinda room. Black and white are a classic kind of look but grey and white, gradient color, monotones, metallic, and subtle tone-on-tone varieties all pack a stylish punch.  Although, keep it in check from room to room to prevent the Cat in the Hat kinda crazy from sneaking in your space.


Posted on March 31, 2014 .

Painted Brick

I am in full spring mode at home. I have planted flowers and treated the yard probably much too early but I can't help it! The sun is out and the birds are singing so that means its time for me to get outside and get my hands a little dirty. In addition to the succulents, tomatoes, strawberries and gerberas, I am sprucing up the front door with a POP of color. As, I have mentioned before my house has been overtaken with blue and I am craving something different; something cheery, welcoming and fresh. Enter MUSTARD YELLOW front door!

We have a small but sentimental home that we bought about 5 years ago. It is not special but is meaningful to us because it belonged to Aaron's grandparents for 25 years or so before. And yes, in all its (a-hem) "glory" it came with peach brick.... and of course, green trim.... which I am sure was quite popular in the 60s but is no longer.  One of the first projects (among a long, long list) was painting the brick on the exterior.  Thinking back on all of the bathroom gut jobs, total flooring replacements, scraping ceilings, lighting upgrades, and window and door replacements, I honestly believe the project that gave us the most impressive change was painting the outside! Very soon I will be posting pictures of our "before"  peach and green home with the "after" pictures of my happy front porch! But for now, I want to share some other inspirational pictures of painted brick homes.

When we started looking into the process years ago, most people we chatted with were not just a little but VERY opposed to painted brick. My how times change! If you are looking into changing the exterior of your home and bringing new life and a contemporary style to it, consider letting Noteworthy Home handle the painting! We are expanding our expertise to on-site cabinetry and exterior brick painting in addition to all your custom furniture needs. Spring is the perfect time to plan your projects so you can enjoy them all summer long!

Posted on March 17, 2014 .

The Buchanans

Have I mentioned that we LOVE our clients?!  When we are handed a family heirloom or sentimental piece to restore or refinish, we really get to know our customers through the stories of their pieces.  It makes our jobs really fun and really personal. 

We met Jon and Celina back when we were still working from home.  Years later we had the privilege of helping them with the finishing touches in their newly remodeled historic home.  They are not afraid of color!  And their spaces display a special combination of cheery elements with contemporary and streamlined design.  We incorporated a great eclectic mix of fun hues, contemporary patterns, natural elements and textures to bring it all home! And yes, EVERYONE, even I want those chairs... 

Posted on February 25, 2014 .

Living in the Moment

First things first, I think we are all guilty of browsing magazines and coveting the so put-together, non-busy, perfectly clean looks they sell us on. Right?!  However, I have to remind myself that these are stages and sets, most of the time not real life homes. And if they are homes that are featured in magazines, all we get in the images is a snap shot. Its not real life for those owners, its not a picture of the everyday.

When I help clients with their design plans, I aim to create spaces that embrace the busyness of life, the messiness of family, the lack of time to maintain a magazine "styled" home.  Let's be real. Who wants to chase their kids off the sofa all day or keep them from making beautiful artwork at the dining table? Not me. I want a lived in home that still exudes style while able to stand up the test of toddlers and limited schedules.  The goal is more time with the ones that matter most, not attempting to constantly keep a photo-ready home!

And here we have Meredith, an excellent example of this concept. A busy mom of three little people who has embraced the idea of NOT obsessing about toys everywhere, marker on the table, baby equipment here and there, and un-potty trained puppies:-) I envy her gypsy style and laid back approach to kids and design.  She pulls off beauty and real life in her home so effortlessly. Living in the moment and in full color comes naturally to her.  So thankful to know Meredith and call her a friend.  Enjoy these glimpses into her home! 


Posted on February 7, 2014 .

Meagan's Master

At work we get the opportunity to see lots of different styles, patterns, hardware, and colors put to great use!  It's kind of a dangerous thing because we want to put all of the elements we love into action in our own personal spaces.  It's also a great benefit when planning our own projects as we get to see some of our ideas come to life in the pieces we create for our clients.

When Meagan, our project manager, decided to makeover her bedroom, she knew she wanted a cozy and relaxing space that wasn't too stuffy or overdone.  It was to be a haven for Saturday morning sleep-ins but put together enough that it draws one in like a favorite hotel room or bed and breakfast.

It feels a little collected with treasures and pretty things and a bit masculine with a moose head over the door.  Throw Murphy the Wheaten Terrier in the mix and you get her home, sweet home all wrapped up in one design scheme. 


The focal point of any bedroom is the bed.  The key to getting that inviting, fluffy square of heaven to shine in your design scheme is to layer.  Layers of blankets, comforters, throws and pillows are the factor even if all in one color. Layer, layer, layer! 

This can get costly very quickly, especially if you have a soft spot for fine linens. Ahem. Ahem. However, it doesn't have to break the bank. When on a tight budget (or any budget really) start with solids from places that give you a lot of bang for your buck! Ikea, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Kohls are great places to get your duvets, sheets, and solid pillow coverings.  Spend more on high impact patterns and eye catchers- have a custom bolster pillow made and a matching throw or splurge on ultra luxurious silk or velvet euros from designer stores.  Don't be afraid to mix high end with cost effective elements. You'll end up with an irresistible and custom made look that sets the tone for the entire room.  

Posted on January 31, 2014 .

Layered Rugs

 Hello All! The holidays were fast and furious and filled with pink eye, colds, the flu, visitors, delicious food, carols and chaos, puppies and all the cleaning that comes with puppies, lots of naps, lazy jammy days and all the wonderful things that go along with days off! But so very excited to be back to work with a new year, new design ides and inspiration, and lots to share with you. 

One of the trends I am seeing more and more of (and one I have been using in my home over the last year) is layered rugs. It seems to be kind of out of the box but not really- in my home it makes sense. I use a Pottery Barn jute large area rug and a colorful wool in a smaller size on top. In my boys room I have a cowhide rug over the carpet for durability and texture. I love how a rug adds subtle personality and completes a look in a room. 

We also love the look of the overdyed rugs in the layered looks. It makes the space a little more casual, a little eclectic, less put-together (which is about the only look I can pull off in my house these days) but still concerned about style.  

For beginners, start with a natural fiber (sisal, jute, sea grass, bamboo)  in a large size and then layer in wool, patterns, high piles, textures, and HAVE FUN! It doesn't have to be perfect and it doesn't have to stay around for years! Find a 5x8 area rug to be the patterned rug on top. This is a low cost investment as opposed to a very pricey Persian large area rug and its easy to change out with your decor. Use thrift stores or NWH for your punchy and colorful top layer.

 image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

Posted on January 23, 2014 .