3 ways to style a dresser

I am asked often about our staging props and different styling techniques. If you have been a fan of Noteworthy for any amount of time you have probably noticed I have a weird obsession with candle stick holders- these my friends find their way all over my house, including most of my dresser and buffet tops! But I think its important to think a little outside the box of necessity. Include items that you LOVE (and may serve no purpose!) and items that reflect your personality. Sometimes it helps to choose a theme; for instance I staged this piece with Vintage/Industrial, Romantic/Neutral, and Colorful/Preppy themes. I hope this helps get you on your way to creating your own staged masterpiece!

Lastly, here are a couple of necessities for successful dresser styling:

1. include a plant of some kind- it makes the space look lively

2. include a mirror- its a practical need

3. don't be afraid to layer- it gives interest and depth 

Vintage / Industrial 


Romantic / Neutral 


Colorful / Preppy 

preppy dresser.jpg
Posted on September 7, 2016 .