Bathroom Complete!

As you may have noticed time has definitely gotten away from me. Sigh. Such is life.

Since we purchased our house about a year ago, we have almost completely gutted it!
Though this house is not new it feels more modern than cottage so we chose textiles to go more with the energetic style I had in mind.
We have small children and pets in our home so easy maintenance, flexible pallet, and the ability to throw in lots of color were necessities that I tried to work into every room. It's still in progress however I am thrilled to begin sharing some of the completed spaces with you!
One thing you will hear over and over again from us about this renovation was the wallpaper. It was horrendous. It was layered upon layered upon layered in over half of the house and ended up being the reason we went so over on our estimated timeline. We spent so long  trying to salvage the drywall under it when in the end we replaced most of the drywall in the house. So wallpaper is like a curse word to me now! Love the idea, hate the commitment nightmare of it.

The boys bathroom got a nice facelift with new walls, texture, removal of the drop down ceiling over the sink, lighting, honeycomb tile floors, subway tile shower, tub and carrera marble counters. A little bit of paint goes a long way in this space. Its an upgrade from the sponged blue walls, right?

Posted on July 27, 2015 .