Boys Room, take 2

Hello again to all after such a long hiatus!  2014 was a year of great change for us.  We moved out of the old house in early summer and renovated the new house from July to November.  There's so much to tell of that in between phase, but that will have to wait for another time.
As most of you know kids rooms, from nurseries to bedrooms to playrooms are my absolute favorite projects!  Most parents tend to let their creativity rule in these spaces- with stimulating color, fun pattern and playful themes. I love seeing these rooms come together with "outside the box" design.
When we finally moved in the week of Thanksgiving, I knew I was going to tackle their room first. At the very end of our time staying with my in-laws (yes they were kind enough to host us during that renovation time) the boys began to change their attitudes about moving. They began complain about  leaving the old house and they were sad to leave their shared room... So the top of my priority list was creating a safe place for them when we moved in.
Up until now the before pics of our house have been on lock down- I couldn't bear to show them without some afters.  We have been going room by room getting things settled so we can share with you after progress is made.  I have before pictures of every room in the house except theirs! So I will post the before pic of the guest room next door :-)
The boys picked their room- they had to have the room with the "king" windows. I SERIOUSLY wanted to remove these all together but the boys begged for them to stay. I do think of them as adding a bit of a "Harry Potter" flavor to their space.
Yes the boys share a bed. They are 21 months apart and have always been together- as soon as Noel could climb out of the crib he would sleep with Rhett, and for now I enjoy getting to tuck them in and get in the middle to read and pray together.  There will come a day when twin beds are in order, or separate rooms for that matter, but for now I enjoy them being close... and staying little.


Posted on January 30, 2015 .