DIY Christmas

Happy Thanksgiving All!
I have been stewing about how I was going to come back into blogging... So I have decided to (reluctantly) announce that I will be doing only homemade Christmas gifts this year... Sigh. There I said it. There's no turning back now!

At the beginning this all sounded like such a great idea... meaningful, personalized gifts that take thought and individual attention. But that's the problem isn't it? It takes thought and individual attention, LOL.  So for gifts that are handmade but cannot be handmade by ME I am happy to custom order through skilled small business owners who specialize in these gems. Although I am going to try as much as possible to make as many on my own as possible.
I have been brainstorming it up, pondering friends and family members' likes, wants and "needs." Though I am nervous about announcing it to the world and being held accountable to it, I am excited to dive into the holiday creating!  Wish me luck!
If you have something similar in mind for those on your list I have put together a few customized and DIY ideas that are sure to please.

For the babysitters, hairdressers, teachers ect in your life .

1. Whipped Grapefruit Mint Sugar Scrub. Spoon into a cute container and tah-dah! (DIY tutorial)

2. Personalized Notepad and/or Pencils.  You gotta love a freshly sharpened bouquet of pencils and a fancy notepad for the daily to do list. (Etsy stores)

3. Hand-painted Brick Bookends. For the reader or the lover of unique decor. (DIY tutorial)



For your sisters and BFFs

1. Marquee Lights... I mean, who doesn't want one? (DIY tutorial)

2. Macrame Hanging Planter.  Add un-killable succulents. So punchy and fun! (DIY tutorial)

3. Striped Candle Sticks.  Love this one of a kind gift! (DIY tutorial)



And then there's the major loves in your life... Kick it up a notch.


1. Cable Knit Blanket.  This says cuddle, wine and movie like nothing else. (Etsy store)

2. Custom Portrait or Sketch. Made from your favorite photos, these make a big statement! (Store)


3. Plumbing Pipe DIY Wine Rack. (Store)



Kid Gifts are the BEST!

1. Play Teepee- this is a really good DIY set of instructions! Lots of memories to be made here!


2. Shark and Mermaid Sleeping Bags. So stinking cool. Boys and girls. (DIY tutorial)

3. Sock Monkeys! So good for the littles and not-so-littles! (DIY tutorial)

I promise to keep you updated on my struggles... I mean my successes with the DIY gifts.  After Christmas that is! Happy Creating!

Posted on November 26, 2015 .