How to get the MOST from your StitchFix Stylist!


I have the most beautiful friend, SS, who shall otherwise remain nameless, that is ALWAYS on point with her fashion choices. Not to mention that she has a beautiful frame with which to display her finery but at every occasion she makes a statement that is FUN, FEARLESS, and FRIENDLY!  Bright colors, new trends, eye catching patterns and bold accessories are always among her wardrobe choices, all the while looking completely effortless. #jealous

And here I stand, on the other side of the spectrum. I easily get stuck in my routine of black, grey, white and jeans... when I feel skinny enough to even wear them!  And with my efforts to break the "tired mommy" rut I fall way short of stylish.  Then add the temptation to try to dress up the lacking wardrobe by perfecting the makeup and whoa.  I have become a hot mess... or much more like a frumpy mess.  This feels completely disconnected from the interior design work I do. Shouldn't I have it together???

Cue the angels singing and the clouds parting... the sun has started to shine on me.  My friend shared one of the tricks she has had hidden up her sleeve.  Enter Stitch Fix.

This was a completely mind blowing idea! Having someone else who has an eye for fresh and current clothing select pieces for me based on my likes and dislikes.  Thanks SS for the best tip EVER!  Afterall, isn't this the exact service I offer my own clients for their interior spaces?

I have been using this style service for a few months and I L O V E it.  It's completely customized to my budget, preferences and fashion inspiration.   I have heard from others that they did not feel like it was a good match for them.  So I have a little input to share on how to get the most from your Stitch Fix stylist selections!

1. Be honest with yourself

When they ask specifically about what part of your body you like to accentuate or definitely NOT accentuate, be honest!  I had a tendency to think of how I WANTED my figure to be or how it has been in the past... or even how I picture it being in the future.  Answer those questions in the moment of how you view yourself today.  And don't short change yourself either.  If you feel like you are in a transitional place (as do most moms) don't fret! You're not alone! Focus on the positives you see in shape.  Or think of it this way, what areas do you feel most comfortable with regarding your figure? Pay more attention to those and don't over think the other areas.

2. Be descriptive

Unless you give your stylist a brief bio on what your day-to-day looks like and what your practical needs are, you become a name with some general responses to their questionairre.  The more details you give the better your results will be! Being colored minded, I figured it may be important to give my stylist info on my complexion.  I learned that I am a deep winter in my coloring and therefore bright colors look best on me. Who knew?!  I grew up choosing neutrals all the way!  See my complexion/fashion guide below.



3. Decide what you like on YOU!

You are buying for you- not your pretty sister, not your best friend, and definitely not a runway model.  For instance, I LOVE ruffles and floral printed items on celebrities and my friends however, I feel like Annie (the original 1982 Annie!) when I put on busy patterns and tons of texture.  Its not for me.  Rather give me anything with stripes and we are golden.:-)

Do your research on these styles: Dramatic, Modern, Traditional, Romantic and Bohemian.  And if the lines blur a little here that's great! Personally, I tend to be more Traditional with some Bohemian and Modern elements thrown in. 
Check out the differences in wardrobe trends here:  This site is sooooo helpful when you feel stuck, need inspiration, or just want to figure out your next favorite styling trick!

4. Don't say no before you try

My Stitch Fix stylists have offered me things to push my boundaries and discover new possibilities in my daily wardrobe, some of which I have adopted and some I have not. But some of my favorite pieces were those that I NEVER would have chosen for myself while shopping. It really feels like Christmas when my package arrives at my door!

I hope these little pointers from a fellow friend, mom, and aspiring fashion diva (LOL) help you get more excited about the clothes you wear and the attitude that you want to represent!  Just for grins here are some of my favorite items Stitch Fix has selected for yours truly.

Posted on April 7, 2016 .